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AWESOME publication!  Each issue is packed with editorials from knowledgeable and passionate writers, interviews with game designers, and in depth reviews, analysis and strategy tips of abstract games ranging from all time masterpieces to modern classics. is a free online resource of original mathematical puzzles, games and unsolved problems.  It is designed for K-12 teachers, and supported by the American Institute of Mathematics. Its’ visually compelling puzzles and games engage students in tough problem solving. Its puzzles are organized by grade and subject – each designed for a 45-60 minute period. All have low-floor, high-ceiling. They engage struggling students in curricular skill acquisition, and deflect top students into tenacity-building challenges.  Gord Hamilton, designer of the great game Santorini, is the driving force behind this great site, and whether you’re a student, a teacher or just a person who loves a mental challenge, you will find yourself visiting again and again.

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Boardspace was created by Dave Dyer and has over 80 games available for online play.  Each game has its’ own page which provides a short description of play as well as rules.  From there players can log into the gameroom and challenge opponents  from around the world, or hone their skills by playing against Bots.   Amazing site!



At our core is an enduring love for board games. Starting with our flagship game Stymie, we offer board game enthusiasts a place to learn & play.



Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 1.5 in


Play Time

15 – 60 mins.



Inspired by timeless masterpieces of the Abstract Game World, using mechanics that have existed for centuries, Stymie is a game of tactical combinations and deep strategy. Each turn a player may introduce a new piece onto the board, or move a piece already in play. The goal is to occupy 7 Prime Spaces or to make 7 captures. The rules are simple, but the possibilities are vast.