Stymie Openings

Stymie Openings

I'll preface this entry with an introduction on how to use annotation for Stymie and how the pieces move.  If you are looking at the board and the logo is in the lower right corner, the space in the lower left corner is A1.  The space in the upper right corner is G7. ...

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The idea for Stymie started forming totally unexpectedly one night at a Dave and Buster's in Dallas in 1988. I was working as a bellman at the Marriott Mandalay in Las Colinas Texas, and a group of co-workers were heading there after work one night and a girl I was...

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At our core is an enduring love for board games. Starting with our flagship game Stymie, we offer board game enthusiasts a place to learn & play.



Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 1.5 in


Play Time

15 – 60 mins.



Inspired by timeless masterpieces of the Abstract Game World, using mechanics that have existed for centuries, Stymie is a game of tactical combinations and deep strategy. Each turn a player may introduce a new piece onto the board, or move a piece already in play. The goal is to occupy 7 Prime Spaces or to make 7 captures. The rules are simple, but the possibilities are vast.