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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 1.5 in


Play Time

15 – 60 mins.



Inspired by timeless masterpieces of the Abstract Game World, using mechanics that have existed for centuries, Stymie is a game of tactical combinations and deep strategy. Each turn a player may introduce a new piece onto the board, or move a piece already in play. The goal is to occupy 7 Prime Spaces or to make 7 captures. The rules are simple, but the possibilities are vast.

12 reviews for STYMIE

  1. Frank Merlock

    A simple and elegant game. Easy to understand and play, but huge depth and strategic possibilities. My roommates love it!

  2. gralion torile

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  3. David G.

    Disclosure: The generous creator of this game reached out to me and offered to send it to me for me to try, rate / review.

    So far I’ve played my first 3 games with my girlfriend. We absolutely love it!

    Oddly, I won. She beats me religiously at Cairn and the occasional connect 4 (as far as abstracts), and lots of other games.

    It might have helped that I’ve played / studied a decent amount of “Go”. It has some commonality in feel, but also has a checkers and even connect 4 feel. (Girlfriend never played a lot of checkers, so that might have given me a big advantage).

    This game highlights the good parts of checkers but plays a lot deeper.
    It has “Go” style territory balance.

    The Dynamic setup phase is an awesome idea.

    The ability to win by jumping or area control is very very cool.

    The “antipode” which plays sort of like a mercenary queen (chess) is very cool.

    I would like to draft up some rules ideas I had for a solo AI.

    BTW, this game is VERY easy to learn. Instructions are phenomenal and short.

    Speaking of short, so is the game. It plays quick (which is amazing!)

    We are still learning the game of course but it plays quick and for whatever reason leaves me with very little analysis paralysis.

    We need more short deep games like this!

  4. John B.

    As a fan of the GIPF series and abstracts generally, I really enjoyed Stymie. My regular abstract gaming partner and I are still feeling this one out- the different victory conditions are intriguing and the antipode is a nice twist that is tricky to use effectively. I’m curious to see where this one goes as we get more experienced!

  5. Gabriele

    A nice abstract game with few rules and very good depth.
    Tournament rules that make the games even more compelling.

  6. Amy

    This game is so fun to play. The more you play it, the more possibilities you see for how to create moves and strategies. I would highly recommend this game for anyone that likes strategic/tactical games.

  7. Valerio

    I really appreciated Stymie, which I consider a little gem thanks to being both familiar and original at the same time, with fitting mechanics to make the game strategic and deep enough and full of possibilities also thanks to two different ways to victory, with simple rules easy to learn but hard to master, as expected from any good abstract and also with tournament rules that make it even more competitive. Given its chess-like nature, I recommend the game to those looking for a healthy quick brain challenge for 2 players made of moves and counter-moves with that well-chosen mix that makes you want to play a game again.

  8. William T

    Awesome game!!! Simple but very intricate concept. The nuance and excitement has exceeded my expectations. Tons of possibilities and a lot of fun!

  9. Jim V.

    Amazing quality and design! Totally worth it. Highly recommend
    for any abstract strategy game fans or players who want to get
    started playing this genre of game. Stymie is a new classic!

  10. marcus

    Stymie has been so much fun. My son is a fan of chess and he got sucked into this quickly and loves it. It’s a great way to spend time together.

  11. J. Mathews

    Great game! If you like chess, you will love this game.

  12. Mitchell B White

    This game is amazing!! Easy to learn but difficult to master. You play on a razor’s edge between victory and loss. My favorite game ever.

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